Deliver Business Winning Pitches

Who Should Attend

This training workshop is designed to be of benefit to those who are new to ‘pitching for business’.
However, those who are experienced will also enjoy this Winning Pitches training as they will benefit from the opportunity to sharpen up existing skills and learn new ones.


Write a successful proposal and you will probably get invited to present to a selection panel: to pitch for the business. On the day, you may be one of several potential suppliers who have been shortlisted. So how do you make sure your pitch ticks all the boxes and stands out in a ‘beauty contest’? Whether you are making a solo pitch or a pitching as team, you need to know the ‘rules of the game’ and how to play it really well. Our trainer has an impressive track record in ‘pitching to win’ but, more importantly, is an excellent trainer too.
With this training under your belt, you will go in to pitch with confidence in the knowledge that you are about to give your potential client every good reason to hire you.


Through actively engaging in the training, participants will:

  • Understand what a pitch must deliver in order to increase the chances of success.
  • Know how to plan the design, preparation and rehearsal of a pitch.
  • Have insight into how to analyse their audience and design the pitch to address their needs.
  • Know the specifics of how to organise a team pitch.
  • Have delivered a pitch and received developmental feedback.
  • Have created a development plan that will take their learning forward.


Participants will experience these interactive and practical sessions:

  • Examples of poor pitches and why they didn’t work.
  • Illustrative examples of great pitches and why they succeeded.
  • Using INFORM and PERSUADE to structure a pitch.
  • Analysing your audience to ensure your message is received, understood and leads to action.
  • Taking care of the logistics of preparing a pitch.
  • Organising a team pitch.
  • Anticipating questions and preparing to deal with them.
  • Choosing and working with delivery methods and media.
  • Managing your audience’s expectations and understanding.
  • Troubleshooting if things go wrong.

Pre-Course Work

Participants will be sent an outline of a client situation and asked to come with a prepared pitch. You will be asked to deliver your short pitch and it will be used as a learning opportunity in which you will build on strengths and learn about ways to develop pitching skills.