Marketing Skills

Who Should Attend

This marketing skills programme will benefit anyone who wishes to gain the knowledge, skills and tools needed for marketing products, or services, or raising the profile of their organisation.


Philip Kotler, one of the most extensively published authors on the subject of Marketing, said that its purpose can be simply stated as, ‘to get, and then keep, customers’.
Marketing gives products and services a voice that speaks to customers about benefits that they will both experience and profit from. Marketing activity also gives customers a voice that speaks to the business about needs and wants that feed into the design of products and services. It is a vital dialogue that guides the entire organisation to market leadership.
Participants in this course will develop a greater understanding of the concept of Marketing. They will learn knowledge and acquire skills in a pragmatic and practical way and be able to plan their Marketing strategy.


At the end of this Marketing Skills Training Programme participants will be able to:

  • Understand why a business or organisation needs a brand identity.
  • Understand products, services and their market places.
  • Identify the difference between sales and marketing and advertising and promotion and the advantages and uses of each.
  • Understand the objectives, strategy, organisation and control of a marketing plan.
  • Understand financing and pricing capabilities.


The programme is participative and involves exercises in small groups, trainer input and use of real examples to enhance the learning. Our trainer will cover these topics:

  • Defining Marketing, its impacts and consequences for organisations.
  • The Stages of Marketing.
  • Achieving desired Marketing outcomes.
  • The 5P Marketing Mix: Price, Place, Product, People and Promotion.
  • Practical Marketing exercises and case studies.
  • Evaluation of Marketing activity and linking it to the Financial operations of the organisation.

Pre-Course Work

Prior to the course, participants will be sent a document to complete which asks them to identify their specific learning objectives.