Managing Conflict

Who Should Attend

Those who come into contact with “difficult”, angry or aggressive people in the course of their work, and would like to gain an insight into where these behaviours come from and how to deal more confidently and positively with such situations.


This workshop is designed to enable participants to deal with conflict in a constructive and professional way using a range of communication skills and conflict resolution techniques. They will understand the nature of anger and aggression and how to diffuse them. They will learn skills that will increase their ability to develop rapport quickly with people and improve their self-confidence and personal awareness. The course will also increase their awareness of the importance of projecting their organisation in a professional, caring and customer-focused light.


At the end of this training programme participants will be able to:

  • Understand where anger and aggression come from, how they escalate and how they can diffuse angry or aggressive situations
  • Enhance their personal power when dealing with angry people
  • Take control of difficult situations to achieve ‘win-win’ solutions with others
  • Develop rapport quickly with others to reflect a caring, personal and professional image
  • Identify and practise a range of positive interpersonal skills to deal with stressful, work-based situations and communicate with greater impact
  • Handle situations successfully by dealing with and giving feedback in a constructive, motivational way
  • Improve their own confidence and self-esteem using positive thinking techniques


  • The nature of anger and aggression and violence, and how they escalate
  • Diffusing anger and aggression constructively
  • Differences between assertive communication and other, less constructive behaviours
  • Key communication skills for taking control of difficult situations and people: dealing with and giving constructive criticism; demonstrating assertive body language, voice, tone and words
  • Practising the skills

Pre-Course Work

No pre-course work required.


What past participants say about the training:
‘Very useful. A real eye opener.’
‘Very well presented. The practical examples really helped.’
‘Tutor had a relaxed approach which made everyone feel comfortable.’
‘Lots of useful information.’


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