Stress Reduction Skills


Most people would readily agree that some degree of stress is essential for performance. However, prolonged exposure to high degrees of stress can be harmful and cause long-term damage to health. Employers have a responsibility to ensure that working conditions are not unduly stressful and employees can be encouraged to look after themselves by learning useful stress reduction techniques. This three hour session looks at some workplace activities that can be causes of stress. It examines the impacts of stress on productivity. It will assist participants to learn simple, practical stress reduction techniques to deal with these situations.


This workshop will enable participants to:

  • Understand what stress is, its origins and causes.
  • Assess personal stress levels and the common causes of stress.
  • Recognise the symptoms of stress in yourself and colleagues.
  • Understand some of the physical and emotional effects of stress.
  • Learn how to deal with pressure.
  • Consider the benefits of a variety of physical, mental and practical methods of coping with stress.
  • Deal positively with crises to reduce stress.
  • Improve the quality of their working time.


  • Insight into stress.
  • Definition of stress and its causes.
  • Effects of stress on individuals and the organisation.
  • Guided relaxation techniques.
  • Stress and performance.
  • Methods of dealing positively with stress.

Pre-Course Work