Effective Team Leader



Two Days

This course is aimed at employees who are about to or have just stepped up to a Team Leader/Supervisory position. It is also useful for Team Leaders & Supervisors who have had no formal training in this area and need to develop some professional skills.

Style & Approach:

This course is designed to give some basic knowledge and skills for those new to Team Leading. It looks at everyday issues & challenges a Team Leader faces and seeks to develop the knowledge & skills required to handle them professionally.  This is a practical course

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course participants will;

  • Have identified the personal qualities and skills of effective team leaders
  • Recognise the importance of trust in being an effective Team Leader
  • Recognise the importance of setting clear objectives and instructions to facilitate good performance
  • Understand and implement the principle of MWBA (Management By Walking About) to check that instructions are being carried out and standards are being maintained through effective performance monitoring
  • Understand the importance of constructive feedback in maintaining performance standards
  • Identify sources of power & authority for their role
  • Identify both motivators & de-motivators in the workplace
  • Understand how to professionally deal with poor performance issues with a team member

Content Overview

  • Knowledge, Skills & Attributes of an Effective Team Leader
    Delegates will outline the key skills & attributes of a line manager – and understand where their personal strengths & weaknesses may lie.
  • The importance of trust
    This session looks at the vital importance of inspiring trust in others. It will involve a group activity that requires trust and what happens when trust is broken.
  • Setting Standards & Objectives
    This session will look at setting clear objectives (SMART) and providing clear instructions and performance standards.
  • Communicating Effectively
    This session will look at how to issue clear instructions to minimize misunderstandings in the workplace.
  • MBWA (Management by Walking About)
    Why monitoring performance is important.
    Different ways of monitoring performance
  • Motivating People Effectively
    This session looks at the link between performance and motivation.
    It will include input on different motivational sources i.e. intrinsic & extrinsic motivators
    Introduction to the SKILL/ Will matrix to analyse where team members are in relation to motivation
    An understanding of the different sources of power available to managers and how these can be used in relation to motivation (Raven & French)
    Understanding workplace motivators and workplace de-motivators (Hertzberg)
    Mechanisms to remove de-motivators in the workplace
  • Providing Feedback on Performance
    The importance of feedback and its link to motivation
    Making feedback constructive
    Giving Praise
    Having a quiet word
  • Nipping poor performance in the bud
    The 9-step framework and its underpinning principles
  • Review & Action Planning
    Each participant will develop an individual action plan as part of the day.