Handling People Face to Face

Who Should Attend

Anyone who deals directly with external customers and suppliers and who is required maintain a professional approach to establishing and meeting customers’ needs on a day to day basis.


This workshop focuses on the importance of conveying the right image of the organisation to customers and suppliers in both face-to-face and telephone situations. Delegates will learn how to improve their performance and interpersonal skills using a range of communication skills and techniques. They will increase their awareness of the increasing expectations and needs of both internal and external customers, and focus their attention on developing a professional and consistent approach to dealing with customers and suppliers.


What you will be able to do:

  • Create the right impression to customers both face-to-face and over the telephone
  • Build a rapport quickly with callers and visitors
  • Identify customer needs and expectations using key questioning and listening skills
  • Handle incoming and outgoing calls effectively
  • Deal confidently, calmly and courteously when dealing with telephone callers and visitors
  • Respond to difficult situations in an assertive and positive way when handling people face to face and on the telephone
  • Remain calm and courteous when dealing with telephone callers and visitors simultaneously
  • Respond to difficult situations face-to-face or on the telephone in an assertive and positive manner


  • Creating a professional impression of your organisation – the key elements of a professional standard of customer service
  • Skills and behaviours necessary to deliver excellent service
  • Presenting yourself; projecting a professional image, verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Meeting visitors and developing rapport quickly
  • Telephone tactics; making, receiving and transferring telephone calls, dealing efficiently and effectively with telephone enquirires
  • Message taking; questioning skills, listening techniques, taking messages accurately
  • Dealing with difficult situations; handling difficult telephone callers, coping with difficult visitors, diffusing angry situations

Pre-Course Work

None required.