Personal Effectiveness

Who should attend?

Anyone who would like to improve their ability to control the way they manage their time and their job, and make the most of their working day


By means of a range of tutor-led discussions and individual exercises, this workshop focuses in a very practical way on enabling participants to handle their workload more effectively by identifying their day to day priorities, planning for the ordinary and extraordinary tasks they’re expected to manage, and dealing with the issues that often get in the way of them following through with their plans.


At the end of this training programme participants will be able to:

  • Understand the real meaning and importance of both efficiency and effectiveness when striving to deliver results
  • Recognise their own specific personal strengths and shortcomings in the way they currently manage themselves
  • Take control of their time using some key time management tools and make tangible improvements to their ways of working
  • Recognise how poor personal management affects their own stress levels and other people around them
  • Identify time “stealers” and manage their priorities, and other people, effectively


  • The key principles of effective time management
  • Defining efficiency and effectiveness, and their relationship to job satisfaction and success
  • Identifying and managing priorities – a practical exercise to identify current efficiency and effectiveness in your job
  • Day to day planning – a practical and flexible approach
  • Identifying and taking control of the typical timewasters
  • Dealing with people assertively when plans are challenged

The programme will be very participative and involves trainer input and individual and group exercises.