Personal Resilience


During this event we will develop the participants’ ability to manage a changing relationship with customers, develop resilience to deal with difficult situations, negotiate effectively and deal with objections whilst ensuring that we retain our excellent customer relationships. The day will involve interactive training alongside useful strategies that can be put into practice quickly and effectively.


At the end of this training programme participants will:

  • Understand Vision, Purpose and Values
  • Understand what the impacts are of poor client relationship on the client, the company and the individual
  • Have developed strategies to build individual resilience and ways to cope in difficult client facing situations
  • Have specific feedback on their performance and a development plan to take learning forward


  • Strategies – How to Build your individual resilience and maintain your personal wellbeing in difficult client contact
  • Dealing with Objections effectively
  • The ‘Art’ of Retaining clients during change – an interactive exercise culminating in a role play example of outstanding customer service

Pre-Course Work

Participants are to consider some of the positive and more negative customer interactions they have had recently to be shared during the event.