Professional Speaking Skills

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is called upon to speak in public, either with no previous experience or some experience, who wish to improve their skills and increase their confidence.


The workshop concentrates on polishing each person’s individual performance by dealing with items such as voice clarity, posture and body language, influencing skills, presence and professional image, rather than how to design, prepare and structure a presentation and handle visual aids, which are covered in Effective Presentation Skills workshop. Numbers are kept low in order to enable everyone to receive individual coaching and feedback to improve their technique and style. There will be a practical element to the workshop and each participant will receive a DVD of their practice session together with verbal and written feedback.


At the end of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Speak with impact
  • Present a professional image of themselves and their organisation
  • Make effective use of the voice
  • Use ethical influencing skills within their public communication
  • Feel more confident in putting their point of view across coherently


  • Use of approriate body language including, posture, gestures, movement, eye-contact and facial expression
  • How to use the voice for impact, including breathing, volume, pace, pitch variety of tone and clear enunciation
  • Dealing with questions and interruptions
  • Influencing skills and using your strengths when speaking
  • Communicating a professional personable image
  • Practical session with individual feedback and coaching

Pre-Course Work

In the practical element you will be asked to deliver a short speech or put forward a point of view similar to the kind of communication you are called upon to do in your role. Further details will be sent out with the course Joining Instructions.