Report Writing Skills

Duration One Day

Who should attend?

All personnel who communicate using report writing will find the course beneficial.


This course is designed to provide participants with the practical skills and knowledge required for the preparation of effective reports. There will be an examination of report writing as a communication tool and instruction given on the process and principles of writing. Participants can expect to go through the various phases of report production, data collection, methodology and rationale. Time will be given to the presentation and structure of reports and the use of illustrations and graphs. Relevant case studies will be analysed in conjunction with a checklist for writing effectiveness.


By the end of the course participants will be able to :

  • understand a variety of report formats
  • be able to produce an effective report in a relevant field
  • be skilled in report presentation and structure
  • be able to use illustration and data effectively
  • be familiar with the terminology of a standard report
  • be skilled in material selection for any report
  • give due consideration to the report readership
  • have a good working knowledge of appropriate grammatical structure and style


  • Principles of writing
  • Types of reports e.g. proposals/progress reports/justification reports
  • Feasibility reports/ data analysis/evaluation
  • Audits/ technical reports etc…
  • Classification of reports
  • Preparation of reports
  • Presentation and structure of reports
  • Technical report illustration
  • Graphs, tables and diagrams
  • Case studies
  • Participants’ production and discussion of a report