Sustainable Procurement

Who Should Attend

Those who are working in a purchasing environment and are involved in specification, sourcing and supplier development activities or those outside the purchasing function who are affected by or have an interest in encouraging sustainable procurement


Sustainability is something that all successful organisations must strive for if they are to survive. It is about satisfying current requirements in a way that does not compromise an organisation’s ability to operate effectively in future. This type of procurement is an emerging approach to procurement in response to growing economic, social and environmental pressures resulting from the global sustainability debate.


As a result of attending this workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the terms ‘sustainability’ and ‘sustainable procurement’ and the relationship between them
  • Identify sustainable procurement drivers and benefits
  • Understand the sustainability considerations throughout the procurement process
  • Identify barriers and conflicts that may impact on the operation of sustainable procurement


The programme is participative and involves exercises in small groups, trainer input and the use of case studies and examples to enhance learning. The topics we will cover are:

  • Introduction to sustainability and sustainable procurement
  • The triple bottom line (TBL) – economic, social and environmental factors
  • The drivers for sustainable procurement
  • Benefits of sustainable procurement
  • Pre-award – customer requirements, market analysis, sustainable specification and sourcing criteria
  • Award – evaluating and selecting sustainable suppliers, sustainability standards
  • Post-award – sustainable contract management and supply chain relationships, sustainable supplier development
  • Sustainable procurement barriers
  • Potential conflicts.

Pre-Course Work

Prior to the course, delegates will be asked to identify areas of spend for which they have direct or indirect responsibility in order to be able to work through real case examples during the programme.


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