Advanced Project Management Skills

Who Should Attend

Those who want to build on existing Project Management skills.


In the great majority of organisations today, projects are a vital part of daily life. For many people, more working time than ever is being spent as part of a project team and managing projects. Project Management Skills are as essential as Time Management, Presentation Skills, Leadership Skills and Financial Awareness. Individual and corporate success depends upon having a strong base of well-developed Project Management skills. Participants in this programme will experience the key stages of the entire process, from objective setting to wrap up, with due consideration of the management techniques to be applied throughout.


At the end of this Training Programme participants will have gained an advanced approach to Project Management and be able to:

  • Handle a diverse project team – differing experiences, backgrounds and positions in the hierarchy
  • Explore the range of communication processes within a team
  • Run effective team meetings
  • Deal with conflict and differing projects
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Effectively delegate to develop team members
  • Plan the time and cost dimensions more accurately
  • How to measure progress and success – project tracking
  • Manage Change – document change within a project
  • Manage risk within a project
  • Develop appropriate documents and templates for consistency
  • Perform Reflective Reviews – asking the right questions


The programme is intensive and highly participative in style. It involves trainer input, individual practical work and discussion in small and large groups. The trainer draws on real world examples to give depth to the learning.

Pre-Course Work

No pre-course work is necessary. However, it will be useful ‘grist to the mill’ if participants have given some thought to their experiences of project work to date.


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