Understanding Business Finance

Who Should Attend

Our Understanding Business Finance courses are for Company Directors, Managers, Team Leaders, Project Managers and Supervisors who need to better understand and be able to positively affect their organisation’s financial processes and outcomes.
We will design a workshop that is particular to your business needs and provide it in-house.


Improving business performance has always been challenging and looks like becoming even more so. In the testing climate that we all face, businesses that survive and thrive will share one vitally important characteristic: they will have invested in training for ‘financial literacy’ at all levels of the organisation.
They will learn to apply financial management techniques and tools that will support them in their responsibility for making insightful and sound decisions.


At the end of this training programme participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of accounting in an organisation
  • Recognise and understand common accounting terminology
  • Understand the need for budgeting and learn ways of planning a budget
  • Identify the different costing methods used in finance
  • Be familiar with the key accounting documentation used in business
  • Understand the difference between solvency, liquidity and profitability
  • Forecast financial performance
  • Prepare a simple cash flow, profit and loss account and balance sheet
  • Understand the Need to Invest
  • Use financial terminology and techniques to communicate effectively with colleagues and commercial contacts
  • Evaluate decisions in relation to their anticipated effect on the profitability of the organisation


The programme ‘demystifies’ accounting terminology, processes, tools and techniques and makes them accessible. The style is interactive and participative with the use of practical exercises to build capability.


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