Speed Reading


Who Should Attend

People who would place a positive value on being able to read with much greater speed and accuracy will benefit greatly from this course.


Reading faster and actually remembering more is a strategy that can be learned by almost anyone. Spending one day with our trainer will give a return on investment many times over in the time that is saved and increased productivity.


Participants will learn how to:

  • Double their reading speed.
  • Increase their reading comprehension.
  • Master the different techniques for reading materials.
  • Organise their thinking more effectively.
  • Boost their overall productivity.


Our trainer will lead sessions that focus on:

  • Finding your present reading rate.
  • Increasing your reading speed immediately.
  • Doubling your reading speed.
  • Remembering and using what you have read.
  • Pushing for greater reading rates.
  • Reading newspapers efficiently.
  • Developing better comprehension.
  • Organising content for better comprehension.
  • Conquering study and depth reading.
  • Breezing through letters and magazines.
  • Achieving flexibility in your reading.
  • Evaluating your progress as a speed reader.

Pre-Course Work


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