NLP Foundation Skills

Who Should Attend

‘Turbo charge’ your communication ability. We recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to interact with others more successfully and also be in better control of themselves, whatever the situation.


‘Improved communication skills’, most frequently tops the list of identified training needs in the majority of organisations. Quite rightly, being able to communicate more skilfully and more successfully is seen as being of vital importance. Stand & Deliver offers a very wide range of highly rated Communication Skills programmes to meet specific needs. The ‘Experience NLP’ workshop is among them. It is a fascinating day focused on easy to learn, practical and surprising techniques that will take your existing communication skills to a higher level.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and that’s a really good reason for using the abbreviation! Here’s what it means. Neuro refers to how we think. Linguistic is about to how we use verbal and non-verbal language to be at our best and to influence others. Programming deals with how thoughts and language become patterns of behaviour, how to modify or eliminate existing patterns and how to add new patterns.

Since it ‘arrived’ in the UK in the early 1980’s NLP has transformed the way we think about communication. It has been particularly invaluable to countless people who have used it to create important changes for themselves and with others.


You will gain a much deeper understanding of how people experience their world, interact with it and make sense of it. You will be in a position to make more successful choices of behaviour. You will add greater flexibility and range to your communication style and you will be able to continue that process whenever you choose.

Specifically, you will be able to:

  • Quickly tap into the inner resources you need at any time.
  • Create deep rapport with others and hold their attention.
  • Read people more accurately.
  • Use advanced language patterns to establish and maintain constructive communication.
  • Understand another’s point of view by fully experiencing it from their perspective.
  • Create thinking patterns that will help you succeed.
  • Create compelling and motivating goals.


This workshop explores the effects that your senses, language, beliefs and internal thinking processes can have on you and on others. Our trainer is a certificated Master Practitioner and will lead an interactive and highly participative day covering the following:

  • What NLP is and its benefits.
  • Rapport building: making effective choices of verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • How to develop internal strength and resilience.
  • How people make sense of ‘reality’.
  • The power of language to build and strengthen relationships.
  • How the way you think affects your actions and your outcomes.
  • How to turn past failures into future successes.

Pre-Course Work