Managing Change

Who Should Attend

This course will be of benefit to anyone who is about to be involved in planning and/or implementing and managing change within their operating team, or throughout the organisation.


Knowing what to change, and when, takes business insight and courage but that is not enough to guarantee success. Successful managers of change know how to lead others. They are able to shift people’s ‘business as usual’ mindset to have them focus on new performance; learning to do things differently and also to do different things when managing change.
Getting people to take the first steps towards managing change demands a high level of communication skill to achieve co-operation, coupled with persistence. Persistence needs to be encouraged through intelligent and timely feedback in order to sustain momentum until the desired change has become a new and productive ‘organisational habit’.

This workshop aims to enable participants to implement a successful change programme/project. They will develop greater understanding of the nature of change and how to maximise the positive impacts of change on themselves and their colleagues whilst reducing or eliminating the negative effects.


At the end of this training workshop participants will be able to:

  • Understand the change process and their own and others’ reactions and attitudes towards it
  • Recognise and influence the key stakeholders to maintain the speed and direction of change.
  • Know the role of values and motivations in the change process.
  • Understand the positive and negative impacts of change.
  • Influence others to gain support and overcome resistance.
  • Support staff appropriately through the change process.
  • Identify and implement the key stages of a successful change programme.
  • Evaluate the change process and what has been achieved.


The workshop covers the following topics through a mix of trainer-led input, individual and group exercises and discussion.

  • Understanding change – how we respond to it and why.
  • How to understand your own and others’ resistance to change.
  • Influencing change – who is involved?
  • How stakeholders respond to change, and where to focus your attention to gain support.
  • How we experience change – the transitional and emotional response processes
  • A systematic approach model for managing successful change projects.
  • Communicating in an environment of change – a leadership model to achieve and maintain co-operation.

Pre-Course Work

None required.