Feedback & Coaching

Who Should Attend

Anyone in a management, supervisory or team leadership role who wants to improve their skills in giving effective feedback and coaching to others.


This workshop will help participants understand the principles and benefits of constructive feedback and one-to-one coaching, and enable them to give effective feedback and coach others as a means of motivating them and rectifying or enhancing performance. The workshop is very participative and involves trainer input, individual exercises and group work.


At the end of this training programme participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of the work-based coach and the use of feedback in developing others
  • Understand more about how adults learn in order to be able to use feedback to keep interest and enthusiasm alive
  • Identify the skills of an effective coach and establish a personal action plan
  • Monitor performance and give both praise and constructive criticism effectively
  • Develop an open and trusting team culture that encourages continuous improvement and provides ongoing support to others through constructive feedback and coaching


  • Defining coaching, its purpose and key benefits to the individual, the manager and the organisation
  • Identifying coaching opportunities
  • The coaching process
  • How adults learn – who to coach and how to handle them accordingly to their preferred learning style
  • Introducing and developing a coaching team culture
  • Key communication skills for providing successful coaching outcomes
  • Key communication skills for providing successful coaching outcomes
  • Defining constructive feedback and its benefits
  • How to identify the need to give feedback and when to do it
  • Receiving and giving constructive criticism
  • Practising the skills to improve confidence

Pre-Course Work

None required.


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