Delegating to Develop

Who Should Attend

Any Manager or Team Leader who wants to explore the benefits of delegating and wishes to enhance their skill in this important area.


Delegating is an essential part of any effective Manager’s tool kit. Done at the right time with the right person, delegation frees a Manager, or Team Leader, to do more of what only they can do. At the same time it offers a potential developmental opportunity to someone else. Skilful delegation is key factor in maintaining a motivating climate for individuals and teams and supports talent development from within.


This programme is designed to enable participants to:

  • Use delegation to free up time to focus on their own Key Result Areas.
  • Plan to use delegation to develop individuals and involve them in the process.
  • Brief individuals clearly, agree performance criteria and set parameters for resource use.
  • Match the degree of challenge with the right degree of support.
  • Debrief effectively to maximise results and facilitate learning.


Participants will work on the following aspects of delegating:

Why Delegate?

  • Identifying personal Key Result areas.
  • Addressing the more challenging strategic issues.
  • Developing people’s skills.

Challenging Your Reluctance to Delegate

  • Protecting against a drop in work standards.
  • Giving up what were your your favourite tasks.

Empowering by Good Communication

  • Trust and openness
  • Mutual support, consistency and greater efficiency
  • Job satisfaction


  • What motivates people?
  • Identifying motivating/demotivating factors for managers and employees.

Choosing the Right Person for the Right Task

  • Recognising people’s strengths.
  • Setting stretching workloads.
  • When not to delegate.

The Role of Coaching in Delegation

  • Recognising when and how to coach.
  • Supporting and monitoring the progress and performance of the delegatee.
  • Giving effective feedback.

Action Planning

  • Review of course objectives
  • What will you delegate and to whom?

Pre-Course Work