Coaching Skills for Managers

Who Should Attend

The ability to coach the performance of others is an essential skill for leaders and managers alike. This coaching skills course will be of great benefit to anyone who already has responsibility for leading and developing the performance of others, or is about to take it on.


When coaching is done skilfully it yields lasting and cost effective results. Excellent coaching multiplies the effectiveness of what people have already gained through education, training and working experience and significantly enhances working relationships.
Our trainers are highly skilled in making the psychology of coaching skills accessible, relevant and practical. Delegates enjoy these training sessions because they are kept engaged through guided practice sessions with examples of experiences, awareness raising exercises and short theory inputs.


As a result of their active participation in this 2 day coaching skills training, delegates will have gained:

  • A strong framework in terms of knowledge and a firm foundation of demonstrated skill.
  • Confidence that they know when to coach and how to coach the performance of others.
  • Deeper insight into the personal and interpersonal processes on both sides of the coaching relationship and know how to keep them positive and productive.
  • Highly transferable skills that can be applied in other important aspects of organisational life: relationships between individuals, between departments, with clients and with suppliers for example.

To support further development, a follow up is recommended. This can be carried out either as a group, or one-to-one, face-to-face, or by ‘phone.


The Trainer will lead the following interactive and practical sessions:

  • Developing a theoretical framework and its underpinning psychology.
  • Experiential exercises to raise awareness and bring theory to life.
  • Coaching practice that applies the theory to real life business issues.
  • Discussions and review sessions to identify and share learning.
  • How to assess whether coaching is needed, or something else.
  • Coaching, the competence curve and cycles of development.
  • How to use the GROW model to create structured support.
  • Elements of the Solution Focussed approach applied to more complex issues.
  • Understanding where the power is and what that means for a coach.
  • Each participant will have experiences of being coached and of observing a coaching session.

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