Assertiveness & Confidence Building

Who Should Attend

Our assertiveness courses are for anyone who would like to improve their self confidence, constructive communication skills or deal more confidently with difficult people or situations.


This assertiveness workshop explores the concept and practice of assertiveness in comparison with other, less constructive behaviours. By gaining a thorough understanding of what assertiveness means, and what it doesn’t, participants learn how to apply assertive thinking and behaviours which benefit themselves and enhance their relationships with others around them.
Participants have the opportunity to practise the skills in a relaxed and informal way with expert coaching and guidance from the trainer and feedback from other participants. Delegate numbers are limited to ensure everyone has maximum opportunities to receive assistance and coaching from the trainer.


At the end of the assertiveness training programme participants will be able to:

  • Understand the differences between Assertive, Aggressive and Passive behaviour and choose their own response when faced with each.
  • Negotiate solutions to problems with others more effectively by using a range of assertiveness techniques.
  • Constructively handle criticism and conflict.
  • Understand more about behaviour and motivation and how to cope with challenging situations and people.
  • Say ‘No’ more effectively and without being seen as uncooperative.


  • Defining and comparing assertive, aggressive and passive thinking and behaviours, and how you tend to react to situations.
  • The importance of body language, voice tone and words when communicating assertively, and how to apply them skilfully.
  • Identifying your goals and reprogramming your thinking to increase your potential for success.
  • Self esteem and self image – where they come from and how they influence us; techniques for improving your self esteem and self image.
  • Establishing an appropriate “work-life balance”.
  • Techniques for dealing confidently and constructively with difficult people and situations to achieve “win-win” outcomes.
  • Why we sometimes find saying “No” difficult and how to say “No” assertively.
  • Handling criticism and giving constructive feedback to others.

Pre-Course Work

None required


What past participants say about the assertiveness courses:

‘A real confidence boost.’
‘The assertiveness course has given me the confidence to say ‘no’ a bit more, instead of taking on too much all the time.’
‘I thought I would feel uncomfortable but the trainer put everyone at ease straight away.’


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